Environmental Monitoring

Complete Environmental Monitoring Systems

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AAQMS) for measuring the affect of pollution on the natural environment

Trace AQMS
Trace/background Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AAQMS) for the measurement of unpolluted natural environment

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems for the measurement of gas emissions directly from the source

Meteorological monitoring systems for measuring a variety of meteorological parameter and combined with pollution data

Gas Analyzers

  • CO analyser
  • CO2 Analyser
  • H2S Analyser
  • NH3 Analyser
  • NO/NO2/NOX Analyser
  • NOy Analyser
  • Ozone Analyser
  • SO2 Analyser
  • TRS Analyser
  • TS Analyser
  • CO trace analyzer
  • CO2 trace analyzer
  • NOX trace analyzer
  • NOy trace analyzer
  • SO2 trace analyzer
  • Trace gases & isotopes FTIR analyzer
  • CO stack analyzer
  • CO2 stack Analyzer
  • NOX stack Analyzer
  • SO2 stack analyzer
  • BTEX Analysers for measurement of benzene, toluene and isomers of xylene
  • Mercaptans and sulfides in ambient air analyzers
  • Methane/Non Methane Hydrocarbons Analyzers
  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers
  • VOC Analyzers
  • 3 wavelength
  • Integrating
  • Nephelometers
  • PM Correlation
  • Polar
Ambient Particulate
  • High volume air sampler
  • Low volume air sampler
  • PUF sampler
  • Radioactive isotope dust sampler
  • XAD sampler

Particulate monitor

Our monitors can be incorporated into air conditioned weatherproof shelters or can be stand alone powered by solar panels. We offer a wide range of solutions for many different types of industries including mining, construction, pulp & paper, cement manufacturing, aluminium smelting and compliance monitoring of all types.

Aerosol Conditioning System

  • Fully automatic and programmable.
  • High precision temperature and RH measurements.
  • Customer configurable system.
  • Can be interfaced with a wide variety of aerosol monitoring instrumentation.



AWS Automatic Weather Monitoring System
  • Barometric Pressure  
  • Net Solar Radiometer
  • Precipitation / Rain
  • Solar Radiation
  • Temperature  
  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Wind Direction  
  • Wind Speed

Indoor Particle Counters

Datalogger Communication Devices
  • Combustion Monitoring Products
  • CO & O2 Continuous Combustion Efficiency Monitor
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis Software
  • Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis Software
  • Monitor Fuel additive performance in oil/coal fired boilers
  • Oxygen Analyser Systems
  • Portable Gas Analyser
  • Portable Gas Analyser Sample Probes
  • Portable Gas Analysers